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Gears of War Ashes and Dust :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 1 0
Damian Carmine by BlackOpsNinja2011 Damian Carmine :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 3 0
Gears of War Ashes and Dust
Chapter 1: New Beginnings
"Delta...lets head back to base"said Marcus in a depressed tone."Yes sir"the members of Delta Squad said. As they were going home in the Raven, Anya saw how sad Marcus is after his father  and friend's death. He knew that he couldn't save Dom and his father, Adam. Clayton said,"Guys! Hoffman says there is a surprise guest waiting for us." "I wonder who could it be",Baird replied. As the Raven began to land at the base, A Gear soldier came up to Clay. "He big brother. What's up!" the Gear said. "Huh? Damian! Is that you!"Clayton replied in a such excited tone as he hugged Damian. "Have you heard about our brothers, Anthony and Ben?" said Clay, Damian nodded. "At least they died as heroes. They will always be remembered" Damian said. "Yeah they will be missed," Clay said. Delta Squad kept on moving to were the C.O.G Memorial was. There Marcus layed Prescott's, Dom's, and his father's C.O.G Tags. Then, Clay layed Ben's and Anthony's C.O.G Tags. Clay als
:iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 2 0
Portal: The Vault Chp.2
Chapter 2: The Vault's Guardian
Space: WHAT THE HELL! Where is SPACE!
Rick: Calm down, we're almost to our location.
Fact: Indeed, We are almost there.
GLaDOS: I'll make a shortcut for you cores. Let me take off those turret legs off you.
Rick: Aww, man.
GLaDOS: Just roll there you got that. I added the rolling system to your technology.
Rick: COOL!!!
30 minutes later
(Cores rolling)
(Oil dripping)
Fact: And Space oiled himself.
Space: I can't handle it, its FREAKIN SCARY!
Rick: Shut the hell up guys, We go there giant ass-scaring voice.
?: I am the Guardian Core!
All 3 Cores: Ohh
Fact; You look quite handsome.
Guardian Core: Why thank you.
?: Yo, im the Creepy Core, just call me Harvester.
Rick: Yo back at ya.
Fact: You must be one of the cores who helped FrankenCore with the creation of the FrankenTurrets and the Cursed Companion Cubes.
Harvester: Indeed I am Fact. I could creep you guys out in dark places with mysterious sounds or stu
:iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0
Toxic by BlackOpsNinja2011 Toxic :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0 Portal Rifle by BlackOpsNinja2011 Portal Rifle :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 2 0 Guardian Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Guardian Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0 Supreme Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Supreme Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 1 0 FrankenCore by BlackOpsNinja2011 FrankenCore :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 1 0 Turret Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Turret Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0 Turret Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Turret Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 1 0
Portal: The Vault Chp.1
Chapter 1: The Cores' Mission
GlaDOS:Welcome, you are the only ones that can make it to the vault, im counting on you............cores?
Space:Hey big lady.
GlaDOS:Never mind...hopefully one of you can make it alive.
Rick: Oh yes we can babe.
Fact:There is a 50% chance that 3 of us might make it alive.
Frankenturrets ON
GlaDOS: Who turned on the Frankenturrets?
GlaDOS: Stupid buffoon. Let the testing begin.
The Cores' Journey has begun
Rick: WOO!!
Rick: Whoa! I crashed into a turret! Hey wait a minute. Guys crash into the turrets, there legs are controllable.
Fact: Your calculations were right, Adventure Core.
Rick: Babe, just call me Rick.
Fact: I will certainly not.
Rick: Wow a little rough there. Your a feisty one.
Rick and Fact: WAIT, SPACE CORE DON'T GOOOO!!!!!
(Space core moving towards a Lazer Field)
Space:Wait, RICK, FACT, LETS GO TO SPACE!!!!!!
Fact:Stupid Core
Rick: Hey don't be harsh babe.
:iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 1 4
Human Creepy Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Human Creepy Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0 Creepy Core 'Harvester' by BlackOpsNinja2011 Creepy Core 'Harvester' :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 2 0 Fact Core by BlackOpsNinja2011 Fact Core :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0 Adventure Core 'Rick' by BlackOpsNinja2011 Adventure Core 'Rick' :iconblackopsninja2011:BlackOpsNinja2011 0 0


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My GoW fanfiction which takes place after the battle against Myrah and the Lambents. This is my first GoW fan-fic. I hope you enjoy. P.S There is a Special Character in this fan-fic.


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Don't get fooled by name. I am a normal gamer and artist, well not a pro artist. if you think I play BlackOps for my entire life, you are wrong. Search up the true meaning of Black Ops. I play alot of cool games other gamers like.


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